Pre-Dame: A Beauty Guide for the Everyday Girl

{with insider knowledge}

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Bought it from Birchbox: Beauty Fixation Lipstick Touch-Up

Friday | 7:23 pm: Your foundation is flawless, you’ve contoured your bronzer to perfection and your eye makeup is both understated and chic. You move on to apply your lipstick, make some smudging and popping noises as you blend it in and then behold, you turn to the mirror to find that you’ve drawn just a little too far outside the lines. 

While applying lip products is perhaps the most foolproof of makeup-related tasks, I somehow always end up in the scenario above. Even after wiping it off, a hint of red, bright pink or coral remains as a shadow around my lips. A little too clown-like for a Wednesday morning if you ask me.

Enter: Beauty Fixation Lipstick Touch Up Q-Tips. A quick snap near the pink band on the end of the swab releases the non greasy formula that gets rid of the stray lipstick with one quick swipe. Perfect for midday touchups, too, the compact size makes it great for on the go! 

Not to mention, you aren’t left with any residue or shine. Just a perfect pout. 

Miriam, The Everyday Girl, NYC

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    I have these makeup correcting swabs in my bathroom and they’re excellent.
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