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Product Props: MAC Fluidline Liner

I came a little late to the game and knocked out a few seasons of The Hills last year around this time. During finals of Spring semester, my Netflix game is at it’s strongest and I spent April with some serious Lauren Conrad eyeliner envy. It’s her signature look and one of my personal favorites.

MAC’s Fluidline eyeliner is a cult favorite and there’s no guessing why. Long-wearing and ultra-smooth, the result is the most precise winged liner you’ve ever achieved. It’s a favorite of Pre-Dame makeup artist Kristen’s, too!

"Definitely worth the hype!” she says, “It’s dries matte so it stays on forever, yet creamy enough so it’s easy to work with. Other brands I’ve tried are good but I have found that some are a little too creamy and come out sheerer so you would have to layer them for as bold a line.”

It’s a classic and my go-to for my everyday look. What’s yours?

Miriam, The Everyday Girl, NYC

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